Still A Chotto Hot Motto...

-" RxKxBx is a leaderless community of biker with a common goal, to ride bikes, to ride them hard and with no rules. The bike is a symbol of freedom, strength and speed, Its a simple yet powerful tool and everyone can afford one, the way we now are slaves under a commercial, super wasteful society doesn't appeal to the Road Kill Bikers and anyone who are willing to take a stand for himself are welcome to ride with us. We are not a membership club, anyone who has the right mentality and can stand up for himself is welcome to join us. Only you yourself know if you have the balls to be a Road Kill Biker or not, to stand up against the wasteful society we live in today as well as to ride a bike that way you like to, not the way some unwritten law tells you to. Fuck the police, what do they know about road safety and the power a bicycle have with an experienced rider. What kind of bike you ride doesn't matter, as long as you ride it hard and with love!"

RxKxBx M

 ( P.S  This text is part of a bigger article about RxKxBx, sometime in 2008 )


Flying Scotsman


GRAEME OBREE...respect to the Scottish rider for his independence and resistance to the handful of Union Cycliste International rulespiners. NO RULES. 

  Tanx for the thrill


King Of Siam

Great to see you speed freaks keeping the SpeeedNight spirit alive.

Do Or Die  /  RxKxBx Matti






Words from Siam.

2010 i.e. Ride faster, ride harder...more rules to fuck!!!

Keep 'er alive, long live SPEEED NIGHT - where the boyz are separated from the men and left to polish their disco egos.

RxKxBx M