Shimanami Ride

Had been a while i've wanted to try this cycling course that links the Honshu island to Shikoku. A near 80 km course linking Onomichi (not far from Hiroshima) to Imabari (northern city of Shikoku island).
This cycling route has been designed 13 years ago, with mild slopes permitting cycles to attain 6 highway bridges in this maze of countryside islands.

An average fee of 50 yen to cross the bridge is demanded... but relies only on riders' honesty. Japan is, again,an exception.

Stayed one night in Omishima in a tiny but warm ryokan. Great dinner for the price.

Last but not least, a 4km bridge...

Thanx to Stef for sticking around. Hope that rib of yours is healing well.

Planning to go again, so if a dozen of you guys are motivated, why not in august or september?


Sunday Morning Ride

Sunday morning in Banchang, not many cars out. Just the sun and the sound of 700x23 on the hot asphalt.

 Racing with the locals

My barrio, top floor with my coveralls hanging out to dry

Hot season ending soonish, wet season for the next 5-6 months. Warm rain so no worries.


for the metal freaks...

streaming metal program by Terauchi of Ogre Japan,
tonight, 22:00(japan)
check below...

& 本日のもとやんさん仕事中