The "Iced Earth" ride

Last SpeeedNight of 2012, 

3 man strong,

Grrreat Indian Curry recharge,

met Mao, the nicest evil man in Shinjuku,

pretty much a perfect Saturday evening in the biggest city on the planet…

To be continued…




utilitarian |yoōˌtiliˈte(ə)rēən|
adjectivedesigned to be useful or practical rather than attractive.Philosophy of, relating to, or adhering to the doctrine of utilitarianism a utilitarian theorist.noun Philosophyan adherent of utilitarianism.
adjectiveshe traded in her sporty little babyblue "fixie" for a utilitarian flamethrowerpracticalfunctionalpragmaticserviceableusefulsensibleefficient,utilityworkadayno-frillsplainunadornedundecorative. ANTONYMS decorative.

They keep coming. Napalm Death is getting better and better and better. Support the cause of loving Grind Core and an utilitarian state of mind.


The Last Mohican

This is the last you will see of what now is regarded as "Old School". Not many left in the city of this dying tribe of brave and fearless street warriors. The Betrayer, like the Last Mohican will be violated and tamed to a law abiding wanker in a very near future. Traffic and insurance rules has forces the true spirit from roaming free once again.A nyways, just roll with the punches as usual and...FTW ! Speeed will prevail and I'll see you on the streets as always.



Ogre Gigs

Dec 29 / 2012

Feb 14 / 2013
With legendary Belgian Death Grind Metal maniacs "ABORTED"