New Years MakeUp...

New Silver rims...just like that....D.I.Y New Years present.

On the way home I passed the new "Haru Bldg" in Shinjuku. I like it!



The ACE Tattoo

I tattooed (!?) an oldtime buddy a couple of years ago. He is in town as we speak and the tattoo was still there(!?). Had Ramen to celebrate this!

Sticker Owned

Was riding this afternoon in the part of the city we call home, pretty cool place like this, on a bike in the afternoon sun.

Some observations for ya'll. Swapped to a "more-than-regular" gay bar again. Slow Jam will have the bmx bars in next month.

I saw a couple of "Sticker Owned" as well. Well done guys! The just launched B/W one is taking off as well...


The Ludovico Technique

R.I.P Alexander DeLarge


Kaneko (DEPT) is not the ordinary street cruiser...

Repair by REW10WORKS

New Office...?

In Ginza last night, just next to "Bikkuri Sushi"...!

Heart Of Darkness...

A slow night at The Ghetto.

The evenings 5man "softrun" turned into a "Ginza Crazy Route" after a pre-SPEEED NIGHT level was affirmed. Sam from the New Zealand chapter just moved to Tokyo so I guess we'll see more of him from now on.


JoyToys old ride

Saw this old fucker (JoyToy's old ride) outside SPICE MC this morning. The "3Knuckles" on the tank.

2xRxKxB outside SPICE MC (Next to BORED)


Was a great gig at "Mission" in Koenji tonight. Death/Trash metal maniacs OGRE JAPAN should be the ruling RxKxBx house band....or is KNUCKLEHEAD still breathing....???

All photo by ---mwcp---

DEPTs Motchi Bonanza

We were invited to join our friends of DEPT to help them pound and eat about 10kg of steamed rice. Felt like a "Daifuku" after the feast. Starfuckers Familia was there as well...Kohama Kun rules! To Kawasaki a.k.a "The Hub Destroyer", Mori a.k.a "bikewiz" and the rest of the DEPT crew (especially all the cute DEPT girls) we say -THANX and a Happy New Year!!!


Sneak Nite? dec.25th

started around 21:00 from the ghetto,
met the friend from Chicago,
sorry for being late, Neko-kun.

BFF 2009

Make a movie...(why not?)

RxKxBx support the international Bike Film Festival. Lets see what can be done for 2009...

Mysstery Guitars V.S RxKxBx

Nekos work place, cool as cool can be. We had a short but intensive ride after visiting his workshop. Man, tonight the asphalt was smooth as whipped cream....

Old Logo

By Markus Winther (middle) A.K.A Furst Fiasko of BloodWorkTattoo. Flanked by his two henchmen.

-"I wanna be your dog" (Hatchko tha bitch)



Ride Free

The BLACK DAHLIA before (standard Gay bar)

...and after.. (gold alumi BMX bar)

Steamroller 59 (Paint by Sir Goto)