November World Wide SPEEED NIGHT

-The Nozomi express ride-

Destination unknown !

Oslo RxKxBx will be in Tokyo, Sydney RxKxBx needs new wheels


Morning Ride SKL.RxKxBx

Streets pretty busy in the early morning hours on a Saturday morning, working class town and thats what you get.

Variety of street modes and views.

700x23 sucks in deep sand

The Ghetto T still alive

My trusted black Vans SK8 High

Old stairs to hill top pagoda

My house dead center

Ooi…over here...

"902 Reaper" supports RxKxBx


Songkhla RxKxBx

New town, new roads.

Reporting from Songkhla in Southern Thailand, which has proved to be a great town to single gear trash in both day and night. Great roads, smooth asphalt, dead fast corners, ignorant motorists, monkeys and dogs, meaninless traffic lights, a long flat beach strip and even a decent bike shops (mainly for an upperclass MTB scene, but had some road stuff as well…).

Fellow metal bikers, ride hard…no remorse!

RxKxBx M