Akihiko, The Osaka Man

Osaka RxKxBx, ride On!

Check this out : 0kinihik0 -  Might be a tad old, but we love it, always have!

Live 2 ride - Ride 2 live…Fuck the world!



Metal maniac/Tattooist extraordinaire/Photo Geek etc Uncle Allan, our Danish brother is showing us his true color...

Must be something in that Scandinavian air, Satanic pores flowing freely it seems like. He has a dog named Lucifer...Check his stuff from the link somewhere on the right  - Uncle Allan


Speeed Night Songkhla...Invader Ace Vol.15

Still alive

The Betrayer still murdered

Trusted 9G on the mend, not bringing any 5D on my S.N's anymore. Wife's once garbaged IXY had to do. See, still Canon though. Just home and the worst downpour started. 

Thailand still ok, the life I made for myself here still alright. Not much to it, working, riding, eating, reading and sleeping…in that order. Miss riding in Tokyo though. Bangkok must be fun to ride in as well, dunno if I will be able to gather enough saliva for enough windscreens for a place like that though. People here have absolutely no respect for other peoples safety. If a granny limping over the road, holding a toddler in her arms and you sit in your fat SUV and pretend you are busy on the way to something meaningless…well, then you just ram her over while honking as hard as you can. Here motorists rather run over a fellow man than take a moment and let things work out naturally, part of " eat or be eaten" mentality still lingering in these developing wannabe developed countries I guess. The funny part is, that these deeds are all done with a huge smile plastered all over the culprits face. I have learned that if someone is smiling to hard here, there is reason to leave the scene. Kinda in a similar way the terrier I had as a child wiggled her tail when she farted under the table and you met her eyes. Like, you and me buddy, just love and trust me so I can destroy you…in a friendly way….LOL.

Land of Smiles , "Amazing Thailand"



The Katana…dasakakoi daze!

The VIPER…aerodynamic daze! 

Imagine bombing Omotesando Dori with this one…snapping off rearview mirror of upperclass motorists beloved ferraris and Benz's as you go…been there/done that...


Concept V.S Super

What are the differences between the old Bianchi Pista Concept and the new Super Pista? Well, check this out...not much luckily!

UrbanVelo has more.

Anyone can find me a size 61 frame kit for a good prize in Japan and I am in  /  Matt 



Neeew Runners

These Adidas puppies are built for speeed, light as feathers …bringing RxKxBx Eco/Anarchy tones to the feeet.

Useful facts :

Adidas was founded in 1948 by Adolf "Adi" Dassler, following the split of Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik between him and his older brother Rudolf. Registered in 1949, Adidas is currently based in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Hear that people, it's German or die!