NOTICE : tokyo dept.

RxKxBx Tokyo riders,
change the speeednight gathering spot from the ex-Ghetto to "A" spot on the map above. there's a bike shop called "Fu-ma". No relation with the shop but there's space to park and easy to go to any direction.
RxKxBx 東京の方へお知らせ



Restless and wild…Satans son from Kiwiland

Word from Young Sam a.k.a Prince of Koshokaido. He's doing good, back home in NZ on break from Uni in Sydney. Riding a Speeedster and Steamroller like a S.O.B...I bet!

Reminded me of Krazy Mikele's Trek with those heavy fuckin side bags, he was fast though!

Music inspiration of the day :

Cephalic Carnage
Album:  Anomalies
Track : Peacemaker



Just a reminder….

That "3Inches Of Blood" doesn't suck, never have...

...but that the police still do, always will….

That Chrome bags are good for carrying stuff everywhere..like a reptile….

..(for the knife geeks, like me) ...and that you never have to buy another knife in your life if you got Gerber LMF II..ever!

The ultimate tool


RxKxBx SKL greetings

Still alive. Had a short but intensive ride last SP, didn't bring a camera. How about these...from a bluecollar perspective, they are what they are...


Alien Ghetto

Run down, DIY community, where all the illegal immigrants gather and enjoy their life. This country rely heavily on these people.


today's theme : PANTERA

OGRE JAPAN Terauchi's metal program
tonight 22:00(japan)
today's theme : PANTERA

Speeed Night San Diego 4

Full speed downhill, then the chain popped off when I did a hard skid right before the intersection. A near death scariest moment in my life. Lucky that Downtown San Diego drivers were generous enough to let unstoppable me to go through freeway exit intersection, and that I had 'emergency' brake on my top tube (Surprisingly, it actually worked pretty well)

Lessons learned : When you hit the light, never skid, pedal harder!

Xenon frame is great, but use it with trick gear ratio only. You'll blow off your chains with 3.13.


Left Hand Path

Crawl, 13th of 13 track on Album "Left Hand Path"…….ENTOMBED….experience the beginning of an era….Swedish Death Metal's finest!

…+ that this must be one of the coolest band photos ever ….Monochrome is the key, snow and ice is the reality! 


found a shop in shinjuku-gyoen

just watched the dealer page on Cycroc,
found a shop in shinjuku : immigrant.
it's in front of shinjuku-gyoen station, very convenient.