SN tokyo vol.34

was in the pool of sweat.

Speeed Night Banchang...Invader Ace Vol.5

New sack, new shirt...what can go wrong! Thanks Osaka RxKxBx Jeremie for the "EcoAnarchy Death Metal Bag a.k.a "Greeedy Bastard Carry it All" by FirstImpression as well as the inspiring T-shirt. Rode the Town-Beach route last night.  Life in Banchang rolls on, miss riding with my brothers since I am riding solo all the time, not bad but nothing like a fast rush through Tokyo.

Ride on



TOMORROW IS 4TH ANNIVERSARY OF "ROAD KILL"...for you who know stuff, you know what to do....Kill the Road!

Since we are all spread out over the world this year, it will be with a lower profile and more stealth...!

Blackened Hammerhead ( R.I.P Green Shark)

From Drue, Tokyo ripper and best of RxKxBx friend! This custom frame Panasonic got smashed up after a too close encounter with some bastard motorist. Good to have it back on the streets, looks nice in traditional RxKxBx blackness, was greeen before (the other color of ours). Will look mean parked outside Great India on a Monday afternoon...

SDFixed Ride 8/6/2010

18mile loop. Balboa fountain to Ocean Beach, then back via Old Town and Hillcrest. Washington Street hill climb was torturous but fun! Thanks DT for leading the crowd.



Be fearless, Take all risks!

from DRAWN!

Oslo Kick-ass!

yesterday went to see Ulver: from black Metal to the Opera House

tomorrow will fix 'my' ride.