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Danish Ace Tattooer Uncle Allan at Koenji Pride, the world famous INK RAT TATTOO STUDIO.

These guys are cycling people, cool!

Check it out

SOFT MACHINE art exhibition (RxKxBx support SoftMachine)


TOSHIKAZU NOZAKA art exhibition @ 12 Gallery.

Cool stuff HERE

Bikes of Today.

MASI COLTELLO A.K.A "Fucked Witha Knife"

Katsu Pi A.K.A "KiChari" (From Slow Jam!)


Osaka Speeed Night VOL.2

An enthusiastic Kansai scene gathering for Cycrok's Okubo-san's route/Speed Night vol.2. The must-be "shotengai" rush coupled with a first time time trial were on the menu...


Letter from a fan...

Received this mail from a seemingly very upset cyclist, thanx for those nice words, and in English, well done!

-"RXKXB, or should i say to you stupids fucking retard asshols. i saw you in group last week passing me on the Yamate street really too fast and it was so dangerus. Why do i know it is you of rkb? because you were all dressed in black cloth and was wearing stupid jackets with logo on it, looking like terrorists and gangsters and have no road manner. almost run over a police officer when he was wanted to cross the street crossing. here in Japan an red signal mean you HAVE to stop and let traffics pass on first. If i had a gun I will shoot you and urinate on your everyones graves. Everyone other cyclists here in Tokyo is trying to be good a example and cooperate with motorists and cars, always, but you people are only trying to destroy all and breaking a law. A have meet many other cyclists that know about rkb and they also think that someone have to STOP YOU RIGHT NOW. Why are you so rude and why are you to be seen in the really bad parts of Shin Juku all the time. Only really bad people go there, are you really bad people?. I will tell every people I know to stop you and run you over by car if we see you on the streets on your bicycles in the middle of street. I have some friend that also have keirin bicycles and without break and they are really good people and dont ride liek that in the middle of traffic. and thay have easy to see clothses in bright and good colors and know the rule that EVERYONE HAVE TO follow. they do not look like bad people like rkb and ride in places that are not many cars. thay are cool rkb is NOT cool only STUPID asshols mothrefucker.

i hate rkb, i hope police will take you everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, what can I say to that? Be nice and eat lots of Salami....It sure feels good to release all that anger from time to time. Looking forward to seeing you and your shock pink friends on the streets my anonymous friend.



Pedal ID this....

It's a tall bike.....(N.K.O.T.B) ペダル ちんぴら スタイル!!!

Starfuckers "Xenon" Frames in San Jose

なんだか不思議な乗り心地です、あたかもトールバイクに乗っているかのような感覚ですが、慣れてくると、非常にバランスがとりやすいです。トリック向きのフレームなのでしょうが、私の場合、とにかくぐいぐい踏み込んで加速したくなる衝動に駆られます。目線が高いところにあるため、視界が良好です。今日はSJ Tues Night Rideですので、そこでさらに踏み込んでみたいと思います


Season In The Abyss

Kncklhedz ripping The Ghetto, thanks for showing up all Metal people!!

If anyone took photos that night, please share it with us!! 4649

This is from ROOM13 Satoshi, thanx brother :







Hidden Guest Guitar ( In Panda outfit )

...to the studio...Cover songs or Die