Invader Ace SKL - SpeeedNight Vol.12

To Hell With RxKxBx

Speeed Night SKL - Invader Ace leaving the building

Some more from Songkhla. The beach is just a couple of minutes from my place. One day I will swim out to that island, called the "Cat Island".

Was overtaken by a pig transporter the other day. The keeper on top the load sleeping…doing about 100Km/h !!! Note my CD collection upper left corner…easy reach of Power Ballads (Meatloaf is the ultimate EMO) and Death Metal…music for proper road rage!

Thailand = No Rules




Goto had a really bad tooth ache this day. Go to dentist.

Tokyo after dark

First time to be back in Tokyo after the earthquake.

City seems to be quiet in a sense. Still a lot of people, lot of traffic.
But it is as if they have turned the volume down.

Saving energy, not only the electricity, but also vitality.
Surprised to see how dark this city could be after the sunset.

I still believe that people in Tokyo will strive to generate new strength.
Never give up!


Shadow Rider




In the New Dark Tokyo



credits to Mattias for full support and to Geek Garage for making things happen.



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