my friend's bike stolen 盗難自転車情報

my friend's bike was stolen, at Shinjuku 5chome Higashi crossing.
when you see it on the street, shop or net, plz mail or give comment to this blog.

frame : small GEORAMA(NJS) with old georama logo
stolen at shinjuku 5 chome crossing.








half day trip out to the gun placements at Headland Park, North Sydney.

Huge cycle in Sydney on my workhorse bike, Went out over the bridge to the north shore to an old gun station with trenches and barracks, you can see the city in the distance. First big cycle in a while, thaught about having a nostalgic spew in a trench to remind me of cycling in Tokyo. SAM.

Uncle Allan does Black Metal

Yeah people, check it out. Our favorite Uncle is doing it in Germany. Proud of you son!

Not exactly a dark and wet evergreen fur forest in Scandinavia, still, that T-shirt is still hanging on.