SpeeedNight 5/12 The "We Overthrow The Pride Of Your Car" Ride

The "We overthrow the pride of your car we will destroy the happiness of your sundays because we have sentenced you to death in your quiet life, you're sentenced to death in your quiet life ... Burning dreams and illusions to snatch fake smiles to tears, to expose the rot in the windows, nothing, nothing of this. We'll overthrow the pride of your car without words, without feelings ahead of what's going on We, we havecondemned to death in your quiet life you're sentenced to death in your quiet life ... strokes of immediate actions to make our answersvacillate Social Security flowing cloudless horizon We will destroy the happiness of your sundays we'll stain your `aseptic with our lives, with our lives ... with our lives!" Ride….?

Tokyo - Japan
Sydney - Australia
Chiangmai - Thailand
SanDiego - The US