Bike Porn

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This could work...

True innovators

Can't stress how important Napal Death is for the global music scene. Politically standing firm and holding their ground against fascism, oppression and a corrupt police state. If Michael Moore was into grind core (maybe he is...?) he would be in Napalm Death. If he rode a bike (maybe he is...?) he would mash with the RxKxBx...he he

Todays Metal Check


Fat, cool as a corpse brutal death metal from...you know where....!

Check 'em out


The Betrayers new legs

Told my welder to make a copy of the bike stand I use for my bikes back home in Tokyo. The guy never seen a "real" bike before but it took him only 2h from a poor drawing from me to produce this beauty...

In Thailand the farmer/fishing/blue-collar boys have learned to either do it themselves or not having any at all. If there is a will there is a way!

 Now I can park in style...

Runhild Gammelsaeter

Thorr's Hammer - American/Norwegian black/doom/dark metal

I'm in love...


Death Of Sweeeden

Todays metal check : FACEBREAKER

Scandinavia has it all when it comes to Death Metal, hell, metal in general. Poland belongs to Scandinavia as you know...now it does...basta!

At The Gates, Entombed, Dismember, Impious, Unleashed, Bloodbath, Grave, ...Candlemass,  just to name a few


Remember the -KnuckleHeads-

-Best day of my life-

a Trick - (informal) a prostitute's client.

Riding a bike is no Trick, who tricked you into that stupid idea?

What is so fucking Tricky about it...ne ?

RxKxBx, proudly representing trick free fast and straight forward street cycling in four continents…

Pedal to the Metal…or cruise back to the nearest "bike Cafe" and continue nurse that whipped cream laden mocca frappochino with a "I Love bike polo" pin on your $500 "messenger" bag securely fasten on your back (empty looks cool). That tight Brooklyn cap won't do it for you my sly friend, wake up.

Protest & Survive 


Speeed Night - The Bad Reputation Ride

Speeed riders, this is also a reminder of 4th annual "Road Kill Ride"

Have fun, Pedals to the Metal


Death Holland

Todays pick - SINISTER (Holland). So fucking tight it will squeeze your ballsack into a raisin sized little pellet.


Sydney last night.

Summing up last night.


Fuck traffic

It is what it is, feel like stabbing someone in the throat 666 times sometimes…but, gotta keep your cool, be one with Zen…or whatever...



More Polish Death Metal, fucking love it…

Did not need one, but if the only bike shop in town has a "Vader" saddle you'd better get it! Because the band is the heaviest and most old school there is.

Lord "Betrayer" still murdered.  

More Polish Death….you'd better check this band out, will rip your ball-sack apart, if you have one  :

Aztec pyramid armageddon, Palm trees and Iron Cross…? Why not! No rules!