closing time

DJ Hell Cat with Mr. Dimebag

Bike Geeks on back street

DJ xxxDice-Kxxx (Sucks...)

AKO san (Rules...)

the Evil and the Good

Consciousness with fist

the Evil garcon serving

Support your local riders

Hell's Kitchen is closed, but shops and g-ramp in the Ghetto are still open.


Grains of Razor

Metal event at URGA in Shinjuku. Zombie Blasphemy were just drunk dudes kissing eachother, The "Testicles" kicked ass big time, better check them out if you can. "GotsuTotsuKotsu" are one of the heaviest samurai metal bands out there in the underground. "Scorched Eden" rolled out this classic Black Metal in a really heavy way and Gridlock's vocalist gave more than all, real cool stuff!


Metal brothers, give 'em hell!!

HammerHead Bird


New RxKxBx'er Demon on the block. EAI BareKnuckle 60cm.


Thanx GeekGarage crew (Mori, Juda & Daisuke)...May the Force be with'yall.

Keep on Rocki'n In The Free World...

Half way to sunny Yokohama

Oh yeah. BETRAYER is the shit!

I have two rides, why wouldn't you?

Living the dream at Tama river

Landmark Tower, tallest in Japan

Yokohama China Town is the biggest outside China (of course), plenty of food and plastic junk....and Chinese!

Sharkfin Soup suck!!! Stop this gourmet shit people! I would love to see one of these puppies dining on a screaming homo sapien. They say we humans are above all in exellence and brains...so why don't we make soup out of the Chinese guys n' gals?

High fashion level right here...

G9 power

Donald Ducks...

Cop Velo (its a Panasonic, same as Drue's!!). No worries getting chased by one of these rides. Cops are out of shape anyways (F.T.P)

BETRAYER a.k.a Goat Rider (60cm big enough for ya'll)

Sidewalk riding in Yokohama

Used to be filled with really nice graffiti, now some shithead at the townhall have decided that grey is what people like better....look at this mess!?

Rest my legs (ass hurts too)...

Lunch at Tama River

Went to check out the planes at Haneda airport on the way home. Pretty cool to ride down here.

Rediculous high barbed fence. No way to come closer than this without buying a ticket!

Going home was a real treat with all people wanting to kill me.

For once, took a long morning ride. Usually we are all night trashers and roll mainly in the dark hours in the big city. Well, I ride everyday all the time but after dark is my favorite time. Today was an exception. I don't know exactly how far it is between Yokohama and Tokyo since Tokyo is so bloody large. Where do you count from, but its something like 30km one way. Yokohama is a really clean and beautiful city, heaps of brand new glass and steel buildings mixed with the old port town that it really is (or used to be). The traffic going there and back was fucking mental.
Wish I could say it's funny...but it isn't. And I know that I will one day just drag a motorist out from his/hers vehicle and beat the fucker into an everlasting coma. Usually you have 3 types of people trying to kill you or not being aware that they are trying to kill you.

1. The crazed light truck dude, usually around 30-40 years. Oh yeah man, I could easily drop kick one of those fucking jock loosers.

2. (one and the same driving style) The half blind mentally weak and stressed out housewife / young bitch driving boyfriends retard custom Toyota on her way to "DonkiHote" to buy more plastic junk / old fart used to having his way at home or at work and drives like that on the road as well (domestic violence on four wheels) .

3. People in German luxury cars. What the fuck is it with these people....fucking nazi cunts!

Fare enough. People are self centered and careless fucking swine. But if someone is trying to prove that you don't belong on the road by cutting you off, driving too close I never fail to spit on their windshield, no matter how dry my mouth is!

Man, I fucking hate people sometimes, they suck! Tough, living in the most cramped and populated city on the planet...lots of them here for sure.

Other than that, it was a beautiful day and my new BETRAYER stood the test. The NEW king of the road...tired but not beaten, proud to be a hater!



Uncle Allan a.k.a. Onkel Allen

New death ride from our Danish brother U.A., this is Danish style (Denmark is also famous for LEGO Land). Darth Vader would turn in his galactic grave if he knew....but he doesn't.