RxKxBx TallBikes = Still out there MF's!

Never forget, never forgive ........ more Glen and Cliff pics HERE !!!

Or just pop down to GEEK GARAGE bike shop in Nakameguro where the bikes are being cared for by the DEPT crew while we find a new Ghetto.

Kawasaki respect!!


Speeed Night Banchang...Invader Ace Vol.3


Thanx BLOODWORK TATTOO for the stickers, Do Or Die brothers!!

Route 666  (Bangkok Bank - Pala Beach - Bangkok Bank) 

Bike route 429309 - powered by Bikemap 

Metal of the day........the superior BOLT THROWER 

Jo-Anne Bench

{Those once loyal}


Bring Back Bad Boy Bikes

Possums, cakes and spitfires.......well, here is a real bike again.....mama mia, ash-Allah!

Looks fast

Cool frame! Full throttle on this one down posh Omotesando St snapping off rear view mirrors on as many luxury cars as possible. Like a marauder causing havoc amongst societies finest assholes.

-Protest and Survive-