Musabetsu Track Experience

My first track experience, at the Musabetsu Track event organized by our pals from CYCROC.
50 riders from Osaka, Kyoto, and even as far as Nagoya gathered at 9 in the morning, at the Kansai Cycle Sports Center, for an all day track dedicated event. The track was a 400m loop track used by the national Keirin team...
Difficult to express the mix of fear, adrenalin, and pain it procures, and how it ends up stirring up in a thrill that makes you want to jump back on your bike as soon as you are able to breath correctly again.
Two time trials on 400m and 1000m were organized...well RXKXBX had a hard time to compete with all the track prepared machines, but gave all we could on our 2.7ish ratios and even mama-chiari.
Thanks to Okubo-kun (Cycroc) for this very nice event and for organizing the bike transportation with the brand ney Cycroc truck.
Seems another Musabetsu Track might be programmed in 6 months, so if you guys from Tokyo want to join...

- J -

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