----New RxKxBx ride - The ChromeFucker----

Frame & bike concept by STARFUCKERS

Build-up & Tuning by BORED

Ride philosophy by RxKxBx

XENON....Wow, this is a niiice bike, goes like a greased bullet after the expert tuning by Master Naito, The #1 BORED. RxKxBx focus above all on pure and simple speeed in traffic. Many use this Xenon as a bike to do so called "tricks" on in the park. RxKxBx have the ultimate "trick" for ya'll....if there was an engine on, it would be called "Full Throttle"!!! Just taking it to another level and with this really great support from STARFUCKERS, BORED and DEPT it's easy.

Your loyal and humble servant, the ROADXKILLXBIKERSX

The Maestro behind what makes fast and good faster and better.

Do Or Die...

Ended the day with an OGRE feast....

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