Still A Chotto Hot Motto...

-" RxKxBx is a leaderless community of biker with a common goal, to ride bikes, to ride them hard and with no rules. The bike is a symbol of freedom, strength and speed, Its a simple yet powerful tool and everyone can afford one, the way we now are slaves under a commercial, super wasteful society doesn't appeal to the Road Kill Bikers and anyone who are willing to take a stand for himself are welcome to ride with us. We are not a membership club, anyone who has the right mentality and can stand up for himself is welcome to join us. Only you yourself know if you have the balls to be a Road Kill Biker or not, to stand up against the wasteful society we live in today as well as to ride a bike that way you like to, not the way some unwritten law tells you to. Fuck the police, what do they know about road safety and the power a bicycle have with an experienced rider. What kind of bike you ride doesn't matter, as long as you ride it hard and with love!"

RxKxBx M

 ( P.S  This text is part of a bigger article about RxKxBx, sometime in 2008 )

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