Doom Metal

Most awesome DOOM METAL band Candlemass, childhood heroes and still matte black after 28 years on the throne. Godfather of doom vocalists Messiah Marcolin must be one of the heaviest vocalists out there, a true innovator and forever inspiration. Not in the band anymore but his legacy and timeless albums will never be forgotten and high up on RxKxBx's playlist. All very much worthy Road Kill soundtrack (check Marsh and Volcanos) while vomit pushing the pedals past the sheeplike wannabees hanging out and swapping gay bike fashion tips outside Blue Lug….cute!

Be your own God, follow your own clear head and stay metal to the core…hate & survive, road kill or die!

Once again, a Swedish metal band shows how's it done

The morning star Prophet, the all-seeing eye of DOOM, wingman of dark creation…Messiah Marcolin

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