Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

The Betrayer is coming home… disguised as a 20" Flat 1. Box modified, stealthy high-profile sealed and camouflaged for inter galactic travels in the name of DHL.

Last 3 years spent ghost riding in Thailand.

Forever Two Wheels

Since we started and put the whole Road-Kill thing in motion, RxKxBx have gone from a social event organizing Ghetto fast street riding crew to a ghost legend myth hidden conspiracy brotherhood. We were the true gutter and back street speed cycling innovators and brought Critical Mass and Tall-Bikes to Japan. Who knows where and who mash under the Black 'n' Green flag of Death Metal Eco Anarchy these days, it's trivial matters since strenght is not in numbers but in the mind of a true geek. We have gone full circle and still ruled by no-one, have no one to answer to or prove the name for…a one man army behind any one who is willing to claim an individual cycling heavy-metal geek within.

Evil horns proudly raised - We salute YOU! 


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