SpeeedNight Vol.72 - Last ride of the Mohicans

I would like to take this moment and say thanks with respect my brothers that during the years have supported the cause to bring a fast and furious cycling style to the streets of Tokyo. Since I started RxKxBx we have expanded outside the boundaries of Shinokubo where it all started (at the Ghetto). Sydney/Australia, San Jose, San Diego/USA, Banchang/Songkhla/Thailand and Osaka have all have their fare share of the Road Kill mentality and view of what fast street cycling in the name if heavy metal is and should be. To you who have participated and brought something to the table, I salute you with evil horns raised high towards a blackened sky. An extra big thanx goes out to Jun k. Jeremie B, Young Sam, Motoyan, Daisuke K, REW10 Ikeda, Naito Bored,  Ghetto Ako,  Starfucker Shinya.

To you who have played it safe and found lame excuses, to hate and throw lies our way, I condemn you to eternal body & mind failure but hope you all will be able to look yourself in the mirror one day without just seeing a wannabe weakling following whatever trend that some self proclaimed hipster wanker throws at you. You know who you are, no need for me to name you out. I feel sorry for all of you, you are weak and unoriginal and Im glad to not know you anymore.

RxKxBx retired last night with saved dignity and this chapter of fast street cycling history is now a mere phantom memory of legends. 7 eventful years and 72 SpeeedNights with many close calls but no casualties has been awesome. As individuals we now continue to trash the streets to bits and I hope the small but hard core of riders who has been with me from day 1 will cherish the many good memories we shared.  Now time to hunt down a new horizon…Seek & Destroy / Ride hard

Road xKill xMatt x

Grreat India Shinokubo - Asakusa SkyTree - Grrreat India

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