CPW frozen night ride

Joined up with CPW crew tonight for a long tokyo route night bike ride. Was riding nice and slow and the feeling of former RxKxBx rides was felt even if RxKxBx is based on high speeed and stoic stamina dashing. Nice to meet up with people with their own concept and style, people who doesn't give a shit about what people think of 'em. Much respect and we had a great time riding with our old brothers again. I felt pretty privilege to be part of this group of people tonight and hope we can do this again.

Rise Above



No.64 Tokyo SpeeedNight

20.00Grrreat India (Shinokubo)-Shimokitazawa-Rew10Works(Sangenjaya)-Shibuya SK8Park-Grrreat India…Mothers(Kabukicho)04.00 = 8 hours of WRATH


Above Bike Store / Starfuckers

Went to see Shinya at Above Bike Store today. Had a slight bent fork on my Starfucker, so the guys promptly swapped it out for a brand new one…no charge! Man, that is what I call customer service. Thanks Shinya, you're the man. My Starfucker is one of the most comfortable bikes I've ever own, a prefect city cruiser i.e. tall (like standing up while riding, nice leg torque) lengths wise compact and rigid. I'm quite lucky to own one. Looks pretty combat with that new desert-camo design as well. Check HERE for a couple of B/W images of the Shinya & Kohama.

With a Kohama sticker…yeah!

My old buddy Kohama remembered me and welcomed me by drooling all over my pants. Cool guy this one…5 years old now...

Got some killer coffee at the shop as well…niiiice!