Fucked by RZ

 Rip Zinger is based on Zip Zinger which is the bomb, because Mark Gonzales a.k.a. The Gonz is the Art skater God.

RxKxBx love this, thanx Motoyan for your sharp observation!

There is only one way to wall ride, in a mama-chari. M.G, respect!

4 years since we introduced straight out from the underground RxKxBx and B.I.K.E movie (Japan premier people) to the bigger picture in Tokyo City to the booming cycling scene. Many cool and speeedy rides since then and we are now back to the dark streets and the glorious past we came from, the lucky few. The Tokyo fast riders who didn't crash and/or gave up swapped to something new to shine in or just got tired and scared of the rules Japan police force (BTW FTP) came up with as the accident rate skyrocketed, trends come and go and so does it's followers.  2011, no more failed Critical Mass rides (we all had a great time trying tough), no more police raids at the Ghetto (Ako Respect). While brother Die-Suke takes care of our tall bikes Glen & Cliff (GeekGarage is the bomb) we now ride in single formation in a straight edged line with speeed and metal as harbingers. 

If you want, feel free to join SpeeedNight & the 4th memorial Road-Kill run on October 8 in Tokyo, Osaka, San Diego, Sydney and Songkhla. More info coming soon.


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