Italian (Gelato/Maffia/Spaghetti) real Death Metal

Words from "Hour Of Penance" MySpace page....

Death metal is more than just music. It transcends such a limited mortal state of mind. Death metal is the aural expression of humanity's darkest side, of devastation, sorrow and the harbingers of mankind's own inhumanity & ultimately it's destruction.

Death metal is not a trend, a fashion parade or a means to an end. It is much more than that. It is a way of life. A life in death.

This is the doctrine HOUR OF PENANCE spew forth with unrelenting musical verocity* through their sickening, mind-obliterating auditory assault on the senses. 

So this is for you Mikele, our Italian death rider. True to the bone marrow and an beacon of D.I.Y.

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