The "Fuck The King" ride

Down to romantic hot spot Takeshiba and back. Then the Grrreat Indian for a traditional curry/nan/lassi deal.

Hikaru a.k.a Hikari Speed Fibre (not ADSL!) and his fucked up iPhone. Welcome to the RxKxBx family.

Tonights hero Road Killer, Lord Uber Terroruchi joined SpeeedNight for the first time on one of his Jaguar. His debut never the less was sub ride Road Kill Vol.3 Ride last summer.

Respect brother


RxKxBx Matt here. What can you say, a classic route through a beautiful Tokyo night. The roads here are in a great condition and the traffic fast enough to make it interesting. I have been away on other challenges since November 2009 so it was really great to ride with my RoadKill brothers this SpeeedNight. In RxKxBx we just do our thing and thats it, with the love of riding (fast) and a great comradeship there isn't much else you need. We should do this everyday...

No Rules

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