Osaka in Tokyo (a day in)

A day in the big city under a cold and clear spring sky. Did 70Km from base to base.

Soon pollen in the air, spring allergies for the masses...enjoy!

Pretty pretty though!

Death Metal Eco Bag a.k.a "Greedy bastard" from First Impression. Fine craftmanship, sturdy as hell!

Right wing jidosha on lunch break. Fuck 'em

Starfuckers bike shop "Above Bike Shop". A really nice bike shop for all your cycling needs. Shinya is the coolest!

  Men in lumberjackets...

Yakitori dinner

Went to see the American Progressive Death Metal band "Between the buried and me" in Kichiyoji after dinner. Quite technical stuff, beautiful guitars! (Thanks RxKxBx JunK for the tickets)

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