Last night in Shinokubo

Some RxKxBx, 75% Knucklehead and 100% Tokyo Underground Innovator man of the millennium Ako in Shinokubo for a meat dinner.

Caveman T and Web-wizard M

Mysstery meat

Me and Ako goes way back...over 10 years now?!  I met him first time in Shimokitazawa with painter/tattoist HoriRyu (Ryu Family), was introduced by tattooist Akatsuki from Bunny Tattoo after getting a twin dragon thing on my chest by her. I was there when the Ghetto was a dusty "love hotel" and saw it transform into the center Tokyo's underground art scene, Ako made it all happen and never sold out to anything, always true to the cause and a great support for many of us outsiders, misfits, outcasts, societies worst....

Respect and love brother, see you around

Great to see you all again after 4 month overseas. I am building up a RxKxBx chapter in Thailand industrial region this year so we just keep on rolling as normal, just on different shores.

 RxKxBx Matt

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