rXkXMikX says hello from Norway (Skype). The snow and ice is starting to melt up there + he will be in Tokyo soon. Hook up with him on April 10 behind the Ghetto for SpeeedNight. 


Brother JunK

Got this in the mail today. He's out there riding on the other shore, cross the pacific O...



Snow is melting down in Oslo

Back soon in Tokyo

see you on the streets

B.T.W. the other night I did happen to dinner at the counter of a local pub, and side of me I recognize some wild guy I saw in concert this summer, funny how we randomly met a few times before, but unlike then, we were both sober and I made sure to write down the name of its band: SHE SAID DESTROY . Some of the most loud and genuine show I have seen in a long time .


Osaka in Tokyo (a day in)

A day in the big city under a cold and clear spring sky. Did 70Km from base to base.

Soon pollen in the air, spring allergies for the masses...enjoy!

Pretty pretty though!

Death Metal Eco Bag a.k.a "Greedy bastard" from First Impression. Fine craftmanship, sturdy as hell!

Right wing jidosha on lunch break. Fuck 'em

Starfuckers bike shop "Above Bike Shop". A really nice bike shop for all your cycling needs. Shinya is the coolest!

  Men in lumberjackets...

Yakitori dinner

Went to see the American Progressive Death Metal band "Between the buried and me" in Kichiyoji after dinner. Quite technical stuff, beautiful guitars! (Thanks RxKxBx JunK for the tickets)


Last night in Shinokubo

Some RxKxBx, 75% Knucklehead and 100% Tokyo Underground Innovator man of the millennium Ako in Shinokubo for a meat dinner.

Caveman T and Web-wizard M

Mysstery meat

Me and Ako goes way back...over 10 years now?!  I met him first time in Shimokitazawa with painter/tattoist HoriRyu (Ryu Family), was introduced by tattooist Akatsuki from Bunny Tattoo after getting a twin dragon thing on my chest by her. I was there when the Ghetto was a dusty "love hotel" and saw it transform into the center Tokyo's underground art scene, Ako made it all happen and never sold out to anything, always true to the cause and a great support for many of us outsiders, misfits, outcasts, societies worst....

Respect and love brother, see you around

Great to see you all again after 4 month overseas. I am building up a RxKxBx chapter in Thailand industrial region this year so we just keep on rolling as normal, just on different shores.

 RxKxBx Matt




-O p e n i n g  P a r t y-


3/20 (SAT) open 19:00 / start 20:00 
1 0 0 0 yen w/1D

at F O R E S T L I M I T


・志人 (TempleATS) + DJ DOLBEE


・ヤマベケイジ (LOS APSON?)

・原 雅明 (corde inc.)


・20TN! + ゾルゲルプロ

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F O R E S T L I M I T / フォレストリミット

TEL  03-6276-2886

MAIL info@forestlimit.com

WEB  www.forestlimit.com

〒151-0072東京都渋谷区幡ヶ谷2-8-15 幡ヶ谷K3ビルB-2
Hatagaya K3 building B2 2-8-15 Hatagaya Shibuyaku Tokyo

Blue Sky

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送信者 RKB